Utrust is zooming into the future with Lotus Silverstone

The British-based car dealer will be using our invoice feature to accept payments in a variety of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or UTK.

Mar 18 · 3 min read

Lotus Silverstone is joining the Utrust ecosystem

Lotus Silverstone is a dealer that understands how unique and special these vehicles are, and they are fully dedicated to providing their customers with everything that is great about the brand. It is one of the largest and most important Lotus Cars dealers in the UK and Europe, and the 2018 change in administration is bringing the company into the future.

They’ve been plying their trade since 2009

The British car industry is massive

Enter Utrust

The digital currency market is composed mainly of young, tech-savvy, and relatively wealthy users. Their numbers have recently reached 100 million people worldwide. This represents a 189% growth, and Utrust has played a part in this change. With a stated mission of bringing digital currencies to the masses, Utrust has processed over 25 million USD in 2020, with the vast majority of that coming in the second semester.

By accepting digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) with Utrust, Lotus Silverstone is allowing their clients to purchase vehicles, services, and repair operations using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or UTK, among several other currencies.

And there’s a lot of advantages to doing it with Utrust.

  • With Utrust, transaction fees drop by 80%, due to digital currencies being decentralized and cutting out the middleman.
  • Utrust is borderless. Lotus Silverstone will be able to accept payments from anywhere in the world and get paid in GBP extremely fast.
  • There are no chargebacks. All sales are final and recorded on an immutable ledger.
  • There are no conversion fees. Lotus Silverstone will get paid in fiat, in their bank account. No need for digital currencies accounting.

But that’s not all Utrust offers:

  • Protection against fraud is foolproof.
  • We were built for the Internet. Lotus Silverstone’s customers will never have to share their private information online.
  • There are over 100 million digital currencies users out there, eager for access to more merchants.

Lotus Silverstone is celebrating this momentous occasion by making their customers an exclusive offer. Any car purchased using our service until June 2021 will come with a complimentary Gtechniq Ceramic paint protection treatment upgrade.

We think it’s time to get a dream car.

If you’re a merchant and you want in on the money of the future too, we can help you.


Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution…


Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements. utrust.com


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The easiest way to pay with & accept digital currencies. The money of tomorrow is here. Experience digital payments with Utrust: utrust.com


Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements. utrust.com

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