Utrust joins forces with Exeedme to power eSports

Digital currencies, digital sports: it’s a perfect match. And we’re celebrating by joining the world’s very first CS:GO blockchain tournament!

Mar 4 · 4 min read

People underestimate the power of eSports. For most football fans, or NBA lovers, it’s a niche thing. It’s for gamers and aficionados. Well, the truth is very different. The fact is eSports are a billion dollar industry. With global revenues exceeding one billion USD for the first time in 2019, expectations for growth are even higher. Until 2023, over 1.5 billion USD are expected.

Audiences are keeping up with the dollars

The growth of the sector isn’t limited to dollars and cents. People love to play and watch eSports, and audience numbers are growing at a rapid pace. Every year a record is set, and 2019 came in at 433 million spectators. By 2023, over 600 million people are expected to be watching.

For comparison, that’s more than the UEFA Champion’s League final and the Super Bowl.


Exeedme is helping gamers monetise their skills

Exeedme’s founders are gamers. As are a lot of people nowadays (an estimated 35% of the world’s population). They had become frustrated by the way the gaming ecosystem is rigged. In a Free2Play model, which most games nowadays follow, gamers are not rewarded for their skills or the time they invest into this industry.

Quite the contrary, they are continuously targeted with in-app purchases, aggressive ad campaigns, and many other strategies devised to relieve them of their money while they play.

Only professional gamers manage to make any money.

“We want to enable all gamers to make money off their skills. Gamers are the heart and blood of this industry, and they should be profiting from it. It makes no sense that they aren’t. This means using blockchain to revolutionise this industry, and that’s what we’re going to do.” Nuno Fernandes, CEO of Exeedme.

Nuno Fernandes and Francisco Varela founded Exeedme with the objective of creating a decentralised economy that allows gamers to earn digital currencies on the blockchain as they play. This hinges on two key concepts: DeFi and NFTs.

Decentralised finance and non-fungible tokens

Decentralised finance is a concept that does away with traditional intermediaries in financial operations, such as banks, brokers or exchanges. It empowers users to make their own decisions and their own financial moves using smart contracts, made secure by blockchain technology.

Non-fungible tokens are digital objects that can’t be replicated. Their uniqueness is ensured, again, by the blockchain. The concept is widely used, for instance, in the digital arts market.

Exeedme is using both these concepts to allow gamers to develop their own economy, without any overarching authority defining the rules of a truly open market. Gamers will be able to challenge each other, and bet on themselves. They will be able to freely exchange both digital currencies and unique digital objects.

Players of all skills will be rewarded for playing and progressing.

Exeedme is now accepting payments via Utrust

Utrust couldn’t be happier to be joining Exeedme in this endeavor. Nuno Correia, Utrust’s CSO and President of the Board, is one of their advisors, and has been following this project with the utmost attention.

“Exeedme is doing to the eSports sector what we are doing to payments. They are using this bleeding edge technology to make it better, fairer, freer and more open to everyone. There was never any doubt in my mind that Utrust would be partners with Exeedme sooner rather than later.” Nuno Correia, CSO of Utrust.

With Utrust, gamers will be able to use BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, as well as the payment token of the future, UTK, on Exeedme’s platform. This will allow them to seamlessly top up their accounts and jump right back into the game. Easy as it should be.

Enter the Utrust gaming community

This partnership has infinite potential, so, at Utrust, we will be exploring how a gaming community on Exeedme could provide for exclusive opportunities to engage with other members, play their favorite games, leverage their earnings and interact with some cool NFT innovations. For starters, the Utrust Gaming Community will be a way for UTK holders to play amongst themselves within Exeedme, hold their own tournaments, and have some great fun.

Plus, gamers can use the HOLD Wallet (powered by Utrust) to make transfers to a bank account or top-up the HOLD visa debit card.

A celebration is in order

To celebrate this partnership, Utrust is putting together a team and entering the world’s first ever blockchain CS:GO tournament, organized by Exeedme.

We have an awesome squad, with the great Pedro “whatz” Amaro and Francisco “obj” Ramos from eXploit Esports, and we are definitely betting on ourselves. 😎

Our first match will be played against Ocean Protocol on Friday, 05/03, at 8pm GMT. Here’s the Twitch link, because you will not want to miss this.

This is going to be so incredible that we will even be hanging out before the match and during breaks for exclusive AMAs with prizes for the best questions!

See you all on Friday!


Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution…


Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements. utrust.com


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Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements. utrust.com

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