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  • You use Utrust’s invoicing solution;
  • The widget will create an invoicing link after you insert the relevant data;
  • You select “Share” and pick the app of your choice;
  • Pick who you want to send the invoice to;
  • The person/business paying gets the invoice;
  • They open the link in-app;
  • They can then select any crypto wallet and pay on-chain;
  • Done!

Do business over app with anyone, anywhere

  • We accept all wallets: Whatever your favourite is, you’ll be able to use it with us;
  • We support major currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, you name it. We also accept our own token, UTK, of course.
  • We will reduce your costs by up to 90% compared to traditional payments: No chargebacks, no added fees, nothing. We charge a 1% flat fee and that’s it.

You have total control

  • Cancel invoices;
  • Duplicate them;
  • Export them as PDF for accounting records.

This is all live now, as you’re reading this



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