UTRUST partners with Mangrovia to provide payment solutions across blockchain businesses

If you’re on the UTRUST mailing list or been keeping up with our Medium posts, you know that this is our second partnership announcement of 2019. Last time we let you know about our partnership with Quid which will join UTRUST in offering point-of-sales machines to brick-and-mortar stores. Now, we’re thrilled to tell you about our new partnership with Mangrovia. 2019 is already turning out to be a big year for us and it’s only just beginning.

Mangrovia is a systems integrator that focuses on developing software solutions. Currently, they’re building blockchain businesses across a wide range of industries. They are experts in many of the most important emerging fields. Along with open ledger technology, Mangrovia has gained expertise in machine learning and the Internet of Things technology. This is an important addition to UTRUST’s team of partnership. We are focused on building a crypto payment solution that works for both customers and merchants into the future.

It also means gaining familiarity with all emerging technologies rather than just specialising in blockchain. Mangrovia is a cutting edge company which has been looking for a trusted partner to process crypto payments across their spectrum of businesses. UTRUST is honoured to rise to the challenge and process payments for a variety of protocols. Given that Mangrovia is already working across a group of innovative startups and large scale businesses alike, they’re the perfect proving ground for the UTRUST platform.

Mangrovia has already become a part of IBM’s network of Registered Businesses. On top of that, they achieved Oracle Gold Partner status after launching a pilot with Oracle partner Sydema. During this project, Mangrovia put NPLs on an automated blockchain-based marketplace. This means that UTRUST will be joining the ranks of businesses which are building the tech platforms of the future, which is exactly where we want to be.

Together, Mangrovia and UTRUST are looking forward to a productive and prosperous 2019.



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