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We work for you: Customer success, the Utrust way

Utrust isn’t an ordinary company.

Dec 18, 2020 · 6 min read

When our founders got together and decided to found it, the conversations buzzing in their minds weren’t about profits, marketability or investments. Our founders wanted to change the world. Not for glory, or to make a name for themselves, but to make it better.

They understood the enormous opportunities that blockchain technology created, and they knew its power needed to be harnessed in a smart, fair, way. Payments aren’t just payments. Payments are the rent that keeps a roof over your head. They’re groceries. They’re Christmas gifts for the people you love. Payments are the way we get the things we need. And they needed to be put at your service.

That’s how Utrust got its name. The user is right there on it. Front and centre. Our community is our lifeblood, and we knew from the very beginning that if we were going to have any amount of success at all in our mission, we needed to make you successful.

We started out different

Maybe you don’t remember this, but Utrust’s first product was its token, UTK. It was released before the widget, before the app, before anything else. This was a risky move, because there was really nothing to back the token except our project, which people didn’t really know well yet.

Needless to say, it was a rollercoaster.

The market fluctuation made our little baby UTK go a little crazy, riding the highest highs and diving into the lowest lows. Any company, in your place, would probably do everything in its power to mask reality and assuage the growing pains of a new project. We knew, from the very start, we didn’t want to do that.

We wanted to be open with our community, because we knew our success was their success, and vice-versa.

So we opened our doors.

Openness starts at home

When UTK became available in KuCoin, our USP (Unique Selling Point) made an incredible first impression. Buyer protection. This was quite unheard of for digital currencies at the time, and UTK flew off the shelves (figuratively speaking). At its highest point, UTK was worth $1.42, which is quite remarkable.

One of the people who was already invested in our doings was one Jorge Rebelo. He owned UTK from the get-go, and he was incredibly active in our community, particularly on Telegram.

Utrust’s channel already had tens of thousands of users, and Jorge was one of the most active, enjoying the fact that Utrust was so remarkably open to its community:

“I wasn’t even working in digital currencies or tech at the time, my job was in an entirely different area. But this was everything to me. It felt like watching history unfold.”

As the prices climbed, however, Utrust leadership kept reminding everyone: We have a project. We have a long-term vision. We are creating a product, not just a token.

And then came the bears…

And it’s a good thing that message was always clear.

When the bear market came, and the dump happened (we all know the story), those were tough days. A lot of people saw their money go away, and they didn’t really believe it would come back. Startups started turning on each other, and the once-peaceful channels became minefields.

You would be forgiven for getting aggressive in defence of your project at this point. A lot of people did. But we knew nothing important had changed.

These currencies were still the future of payments. Our product was still as necessary and vital as it had ever been. We still had the power to change everyone’s lives.

So we turned to you

The founders of Utrust decided that if they were going to be able to make the community trust what they were doing, and hold on to this incredible project, they needed to speak clearly and openly. How best to do this than bringing one of the most active voices into the fold.

So Jorge joined Utrust.

“Those were dark days. We had to defend this project against very angry people. The competition went very aggressive, a lot of users were very desperate. We needed to make sure our messaging was on point.”

Making our spokesperson some that was a part of the community was powerful both practically and symbolically. Jorge knew what people wanted, what they cared about, what they needed to know. He was also a community manager that was literally a part of the community.

Making Utrust real

Utrust was founded in 2017, but its product, the actual payments solution, was only available in June 2019. Until then, all the Utrust comms team had to show people was a whitepaper. So how do you keep a community of thousands confident, during a bear market, with no product?

You show them the work.

And that’s what we did.

Jorge and Nuno, Utrust’s founder and original CEO, built a team of moderators that manned the company’s Telegram and social media 24/7. Every hour of every day there was someone online to talk to the community, reassure them, and keep them involved.

Utrust knew that the bear market was unavoidable, and that the value of the token would reflect the value of the company as long as the company was worth it. So we took a no-bullshit-no-excuses policy towards our community. We interviewed our merchants to know what they wanted, we spoke to token holders every day. We didn’t do pre-announcements to drum up hype, we delivered things when we actually had them, and we showed everyone how they were built.

We started doing videos of the team and what they were up to. We were doing product updates before we had a product.

Instead of creating hype around something that may or may not happen, Utrust decided that we were going to trust our community to understand that we had a long-term vision, and that we were unwavering in our commitment to those goals.

And it worked.

Just deliver

Our head of growth, João Gomes, has no doubts about this. The way to truly be community-driven isn’t to hype things and make big flashy displays. It’s to actually deliver what the community wants.

“Whatever our plans are, they always gravitate towards our customers’ needs. We interview our users and merchants all the time, and adjust accordingly. Our invoicing feature was built because of this. Hold coming into the fold was because of this. Reverse staking was invented because of this.”

And this is what Utrust has been focusing with laser-like intensity on. Creating a truly great product, that allows for payments with seamless efficiency. We want you to be able to use these currencies as money, and every single day we are achieving tremendous things in that regard.

But to get to where we are now, with a thriving community of merchants, holders and users, we had to make sure we kept our priorities straight and we understood how to speak to all of you.

And that didn’t stop when we scaled up. Just this week, we tried something new. Everyone in our leadership team manned the customer support stations. That means the CEO, the COO, the CFO… Everyone. They were talking to customers, hearing them out, and getting a feel for how the community is dealing with the products.

The only reason you can now pay for your vacations, a home, fantastic music, rent, or, really, anything you like, with our digital currency-powered debit card, is because of you.

If you can send money anywhere in the world with no fees and invoice globally, with no border fees, instantly, from your cell phone, is because you stuck with us through hard times, and we knew that our most precious asset was your trust.

And we’re just getting started.

Your success is our success. If you haven’t joined Utrust yet, now is the time.


Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution…


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The easiest way to pay with & accept digital currencies. The money of tomorrow is here. Experience digital payments with Utrust:



Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements.


Written by


The easiest way to pay with & accept digital currencies. The money of tomorrow is here. Experience digital payments with Utrust:



Building the world’s first cryptocurrency payment solution to offer instant transactions, buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements.

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