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Durga Pujo Dates 2021

Durga Pujo Calender 2021 : Dates and Significance

Durga Pujo is one of the biggest festivals in India and it celebrates the yearly visit of the goddess from her home in the Himalayas. Mainly celebrated in the eastern regions of the Country, Durga Pujo is celebrated with much enthusiasm and zeal. Family members return home to be together for the days of the festival, dress up in new clothes, feast on local specialities and sweets and attend pujas.

Durga Pujo

Families get together, and it is a time of great enjoyment and joy. Towns where Durga Pujo is celebrated, are grandly decorated with Durga Pandals, lights and other traditional means. Bengalis are known for their rich culture and heritage. The festival unites all members of the community and people share friendship, love and affection for each other through dance, music and cuisine.

Durga Pujo dates 2021

Mahalaya : Wednesday 6 October 2021

Maha Panchami : Monday 10 October 2021

Maha Sashti : Tuesday 11 October 2021

Maha Saptami : Wednesday 12 October 2021

Maha Ashtami : Thursday 13 October 2021

Maha Navami : Friday 14 October 2021

Vijaya Dashami : Saturday 15 October 2021

Before Durga pujo, shops selling clothes, sweets and other festive stuff stock up on all such kinds of things. Various types of cultural events are organised in different areas while puja organisers compete against each other through theme-based puja pandals. The beauty of Durga Puja is that every pandal has a story to tell through its art and décor. People stand in long queues just to enter the pandal so that they can enjoy the magnificent artwork and décor.

All the festivities end on the day of Vijaya Dashami, when the Goddess is bid farewell, through Visarjan, which is immersing the Idol in water. It is a sad and emotional moment, but comes with the promise that the Goddess will return the next year.

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