Raiscara Avalon
May 10 · 2 min read
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So I’ve decided to jump into the Medium pool with both feet. On the shallow end, cause I’ve been burned before. Funny how pools can turn into lava in the blink of an eye, isn’t it?

This platform seems stable, stable enough that I’ve decided to join the ranks of Medium writers, but please, bear with me, I’m new. I generally have quite a bit to say in written form, just as my journal — the one groaning over there. But it may take me a while to go all in, it may not. Just figured I’d give this a try.

The first thing I did was start a publication so that I can play around with that. It’s called One Income Living, but it’s pretty empty right now. I’m working on some posts, just not fully sure of all the ins and outs yet. So I’m getting my feet wet, one post at a time.

One has to start somewhere, right? Hopefully, this is the start of a glorious relationship of sorts.

A little about me. I’m a single mother of one, and I’m disabled. I have *deep breath* CFS, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease, Chronic Headaches (including migraines), Reynauld’s Syndrome, a herniated disc in my lower back, and a bunch of other things that I ran out of breath to say. Those are the biggies, anyway.

I have a very wide variety of interests, with more joining in almost daily. Currently, I’m a freelance writer, blogger, life coach, editor, writing coach and proofreader. That fills my hours pretty well, between naps and Mom stuff.

I’ve been a single mother for the past 14 or so years. It has been a long, frustrating journey, but I’m nearly at the end! Haha, I know, a parent’s work is never done — especially when there is only one of them!

I’m sure there is a lot more I could say, but that about sums me up for now. Too much to ever fit in a bio area! Definitely a weakness of mine, I’m never sure what to put into a bio. There’s just too much information — it takes me hours sometimes to write a simple bio.

Any Medium tips and tricks I should know?

Utterly Random

For the articles that fit no where else.

Raiscara Avalon

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Freelance writer/editor/proofreader/life coach/writing coach — can be found at https://www.raiscaraavalon.com

Utterly Random

For the articles that fit no where else.

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