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Here are the Winners of the UTU NFT Design Contest

We’ve chosen three winners and three honorable mentions for the #UTUtrustNFT design contest.

Dear UTU Trust Guardians,

We have received many NFT entries from our vibrant community since the #UTUtrustNFT contest began in February. Thank you so much for your participation and enthusiasm in helping us revolutionize trust in Web3 and across the entire internet!

Now it’s time to announce the NFT contest winners!

UTU NFT Contest Winners

The winners are:

1st place ($500): Dyey

Why: Very cool animation and great visual incorporation of ratings and reviews!

2nd place ($300): Properpilot66

Why: Hilarious use and very accurate rendition of CEO Jason Eisen!

3rd place ($150): KriptoHunterid

Why: Super cute and great explanation of the design thought process!

Congratulations to the three winners! We admire your creativity and are truly honored to have you represent our vision through art.

We will contact you shortly to deliver your prizes and talk about next steps in minting your NFTs.

UTU NFT Contest Honorable Mentions

We’ve also selected three honorable mentions whose artwork we also admired:





Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

Stay tuned for more news and promotions as we continue to build out our testnet.

Join us on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord for future updates.

Thanks for your support!

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Originally published at https://utu.io on March 18, 2022.



UTU is the trust infrastructure of the internet, bridging the gap between how we trust in the real world and how we are asked to trust online.

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