East Harlem is the new San Francisco

It is a shame to say that San Francisco is so similar to my neighborhood East Harlem/El Barrio who is also deeply rooted in a Latino immigrant culture. The “gentrifiers” also move for the same reason “I love how multicultural and diverse the neighborhood is” They say. However the wipe it out when they move in. I like the efforts they are using to preserve the neighborhood saying they want to make it a “special district”. I am not sure however if this is different at all from making it a historic neighborhood but it seems a bit better because I don’t think chinatown here is a historic landmark but yet it remains preserved. I love the second article “Is gentrification ruining Los Angeles?” because it plays devils advocate on itself and plays both sides and looks at both perspectives of the gentrifier and the gentrifiee. My question to this article is how do we promote and understanding of all those involved in gentrification?