Facebook Thinks I’m Dull, Have Bad Taste in Music and Am Possibly Overweight…

So, for the first time ever, I actually paid attention to the sponsored posts on my newsfeed. It was interesting and I’d like to think wrong in several instances!

There were some obvious suggested posts that came from a few websites I’ve visited or ordered from recently — Easy Canvas Prints, Verizon Wireless, Pet Supplies Plus, etc. Several seem to be related to data management software trials I had done for this class and others in the program — Celery, Infusion Soft, Pardot, etc. There were also some that were clearly targeting me from recent web searches and behavior. The funniest being an offer for a private jet service — It is true that I have been flying back and forth from South Carolina a LOT the past six weeks(and will do so twice this week). Hmm…for what I’ve been spending on tickets, perhaps I should actually look into that one…

But there were also some that really miss the mark — for instance a belly-fat weight-loss product. For the record Facebook — I am middle aged but very trim and fit! There were also a few Taylor Swift Lifestyle Videos for which I have no earthly idea why they would target me — certainly no related web searches, I’m not in her audience demographic nor are my friends. I do purchase a fair number of tickets for live music performances but, nothing in her genre. Oh yes, and Land Rover seems very intersted in me — which seems they are a bit slow in their approach as my husband and I purchased a new vehicle (not Land Rover) last year and would certainly not be eyeing the luxury SUV market again anytime soon.

There were a handful of posts that were from companies “Liked” by my friends and one more politically-oriented ad that I actually “Liked” — which means my friends have now all been inundated — but, since it was for gun-safety and common sense limits, I’m OK with that.

I have only “Liked” two or three corporate pages nor have I ever filled out anything but the bare minimum information required to have an account on my Facebook profile. Also, I have my security settings at the strongest level. This may account for a lack of precision targeting — which is fine by me!

So, even if Facebook believes my only interests are data analytics and bubblegum pop music, interspersed with a few, scant luxury indulgences and a belly fat problem, that is fine by me! That isn’t me at all but, I’m happy to keep that a secret.

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