Social Media and Political Engagement

Politicians using digital media to connect and engage with constituents is a smart idea to shape perceptions and spread messages. Social media allows for a two-way street of dialogue between citizens and politicians (or, at least, the politicians’ campaign manager).

Personally, I do not use social media to engage with politicians. I prefer to be a passive participant when it comes to politics, following political news through social media channels, but never interacting beyond reading an article. Mainly on Twitter, I read political stories, mostly around election times, by following credible media organizations. However, I do admire politicians who are able to shape a strong and engaging media campaign to interact, engage, and persuade a strong following through new media strategies. So far, Barack Obama is the politician who has had a killer digital media strategy to execute a winning political campaign. It will be interesting to see how new media is integrated into the 2016 presidential campaigns.

Questions for Steve Ressler:

What community details do you initially consider for communicating with an online audience? How do you decide the tactics?

Which social media strategies do you find to be the strongest when communicating political or government news?

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