Turning Keywords into Moneymakers

I recently took up a volunteer Marketing Coordinator position at a Not-for-Profit based of Washington D.C. For confidentiality issues, I will keep the organization´s name anonymous. Because the NFP is relatively small, I am currently handling all of their marketing and communications. I was a little nervous at first as I have never been fully incharge of a marketing strategy, but after my first day, I felt ready for the challenge.

As a Not-for-profit, we areinterested in driving donations, obtaining grants, getting our mission out to the public, and encouraging people to take action. Although this organization already had a pretty solid offline and online strategy, I´ve decided to take a first hand shot at incorporating some of the New Media startgies I´ve learned during the durration of this course and certificate program overall.

The first thing I wanted to do was to drive internet users to our “Donate Now” page, so I decided to create a couple of Google AdWords campaigns. My issue was that although I know a lot about the organizations mission, I didn´t really know what was triggering people to find us on the interent. I wanted to maximazie the budget I was given, so I needed to know what keywords were triggering our ads and what people were talking about in the interent. After last week´s activity, I decided to use Hootsuite as a way to get an idea of the conversations that were buzzing around the internet regarding our organization as well as our mission.

I added streams a couple of streams conecting through facebook and twitter I was really happy with the results. I was able to listen to conversations happening in real time in an integrated platform. This conversation allowed me to disect certain reocurring keywords and phrases, which were relevant to my Adwords campaigns. It´s only been three days since I launched this capaigns, but overall I feel like I am more informed and better equipped to maximize our budget in a more efficient and less time consuming manner. The next step will be to analyze our metrics in order to see if my tactic was a good idea, but that requires time for the campaigns to run.

The lesson I learned this week is that the internet can be a very fluid place. With the right knowledge and tools, different platforms can be easily integrated and thus allowing marketers to make more informed decisions in less time than traditional, offline marketing methods previously required.

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