Marketing- Government

I believe that using social media tools with local and government would be very beneficial. I believe that the governemnt holds increadibly important information that conrcerns specific groups in the U.S. but the information is not being sent out as effectivley as that of companies in the private sector. Although there is a risk in privacy I belive that using any social media tool will have disadvantages. However unlike private corporation that are trying to sell you in order to maintain profitability, the givenrement’s main purpose is not related to revenue. They are mostly concerned with effienciency since most, if not all, of their cash flow comes from budgets received. I think that the government should learn from the effective marketing tools that corporations have developed to engage citizens and thus prividing more effective and efficient services.

My two questions for the guest speaker were

Do you think using these makerting tools to engage with the government will affect citizen’s privacy?

Comparing to other social media outlets, they began to sell advertising space. do you see this for govloop?

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