Class 4: Digital Civic Engagement and Community Management


  • Follow up to Class 3: Questions?
  • Guest Lecture: How to Build Engaging Digital Experiences. Guest Speaker: Naitik Vyas, Federal Client Success Consultant at Granicus (Formerly GovDelivery). About Granicus:
Granicus provides technology that empowers government organizations to create better lives for the people they serve. By offering the industry’s leading cloud-based solutions for communications, meeting and agenda management, and digital services to more than 3,000 public sector organizations, Granicus helps turn government missions into quantifiable realities. Granicus products connect more than 150 million people, creating a powerful network to enhance government transparency and citizen engagement. By optimizing decision-making processes, Granicus strives to help government realize better outcomes and have a greater impact for the citizens they serve.
  • Remainder of Audience Segmentation Lecture
  • Community Management/Influencer Presentation

Reading Due:

Skim Through the Following Readings/Presentations:

Assignments Due:

  • Listening Assignment (Submit via Collab)
  • Medium Post: please write a Medium post that addresses if you use (or wish to use) any form of new media to engage with government (local, state or federal). Also, please post 2 questions that you’d like to have our guest speaker address during class.
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