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Voices of Uvaro

Uvaro and the Tech Sales models of the future. Pt 1.

Young woman at a holographic screen, holding a tablet in one hand and touching a finger to the screen in another.

I’m a lucky gal.

When I first came across Uvaro I was initially hesitant to take it seriously. Is this just another one of those online courses where the value got lost somewhere in the ether and the only reason the course is still online is because someone out there earns a living from the sales?

I shrugged it off like I do with many of the courses advertised online. Especially the targeted ones. Just because I’m interested in ecommerce doesn’t mean I want to buy your $3000 course on making money online.

Some time later, and further research on my end, Uvaro began to actually look good to me. I was interested. You’ll prepare me for a role in tech sales and you’re so confident in your value proposition that you’ll let me pay for the course AFTER I’ve landed a job? I’m in. Sign me up.

So here we are, two weeks later. I have yet to lose interested. I’m still engaged. And I’m learning. Oh, am I learning.

There are things i’m learning that are new to me, and new things that I am learning about the things that I am already familiar with.

Ideal Customer Profile, the Buyer’s journey, Cadence and Prospecting. These are all things I’ve heard before. It’s the way these and other matters are presented that’s really making a difference.

All of the important elements of a sales process are broken down into their own little playbooks. Each one elaborating and exemplifying the theme.
I’ve personally found this very useful. It forces my brain to confirm things using more information. Like when we dive into the buyer’s journey. My brain now has more information to fortify my understanding of it. The better the elaboration, in a concise way, the stronger that understanding.

We’ve just ended week 2. We’ve got the basics out of the way, we have a foundation to build on, and we’ve started building.

In our second week we dove into prospecting, cadence planning, cold calling, objection handling, best practices, wrong moves and other things.
I can only imagine what the next few weeks will bring. I imagine it’s only getting better from here.

One other thing. We’ve been encouraged to do things that I feel really get us out of our comfort zone and in the habit of things that will pay off in the long run. The use of videos, for example. Something I’m not particularly keen on, and i’m not alone in that boat, and yet, the more I do it and see others doing it, the more eager I can actually feel myself becoming. I’m beginning to want to break through this wall. I’m beginning to want to do more of the thing I like doing the least. Because I’m seeing the value in it.

And that’s what I think Uvaro has been doing so far. Getting us to seeing the value in the content and delivery of the course. It’s as if we’re watching one very long demo selling us a future of being the models of excellence in the tech sales of tomorrow.

If things continue the way they have, I think we may just be the future of tech sales.

I’ll keep you posted.



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