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Voices of Uvaro

Uvaro Week 11

Demo Presentation Practice Week

Picked up some nuggets from everyone:

  • Use yourself as social proof

Guest Speakers:

Insights by Greg Boyd (VP Customer Success, Uvaro)

Shane George (VP Sales at OnCall Health)

- Onboarding is very complicated: Extremely important for a new employee
- Start quickly and make an impact fast
- Reverse engineer the onboarding
- Quarterly goal, then weekly goals, mission, values
- Activity metrics: Gives guidelines for targets/week. But likes to focus on outcomes
- Hamster wheel effect
- The key to getting goals is to leverage data: like the last 100 calls and not just the last 2 calls
- Sales can be easily tied to numbers
- Trying to fight the hamster wheeling effect
- Onboarding happens always: it’s a continuous thing/education
- Feedback loop: Monday morning pipeline meeting: new campaigns, an arena for sales, use cases, sales can be easily put on an island but have to fight against that
- If you have perfect product-market fit, then no requirement for sales
- You can go crazy in a startup. See the results and have the results have you move forward
- He’s trying to fight against activity-driven sales
- He’d want every AE to be a BDR
- AE and BDR are extremely different for him. AE is a great step to go into any part of the company
- Specialization is very important. The bulk of the role should be very focused. The roles are made to revolve around the customer journey. Why is their role is important and how does it affect the entire company?
- Context is key: Why does a process exist? Why does a process not exist?
- How important focus is? Set your own boundaries.



Uvaro is a tech sales career accelerator that helps you secure your future though our online training, paid residencies, and powerful network of professionals.

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