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Voices of Uvaro

Uvaro Week 12

Review exercises:

Cold Call Practice

Email Practice

The round robin was created because of some issues with the pod structure.

Demo Day

At graduation I do try to find the words that “do justice” to each cohort I am lucky enough to work with. I’m having a hard time finding the right words for this class. You all bring so much to the table: you already had form and purpose coming in- I feel like rather than helping you find and take form I’ve been clearing paths and marking ways more than “teaching”. Like I’m the machete up front while you all come in right after with your scalpels.
Over the course of 12 weeks I’ve seen you haul each other up onto the wall in a really big way and I am so grateful for all of you.
Looking forward to seeing you all “go!” The way I know you can.
talk to you soon!
- Sheila

Final Graduation Click

My Final Message



Uvaro is a tech sales career accelerator that helps you secure your future though our online training, paid residencies, and powerful network of professionals.

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