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Voices of Uvaro

Uvaro Week 4

Presentation week:

A successful sales presentation is where 30% of the talking is done by the seller and 70% is done by the buyer

  • Pacing, questions, and pausing is important
  • The product show has to be minimal during the demo
  • Emphasize on discovery
  • Quantifying the problem and the metric the buyer cares for


  • My presentation in class
  • My PPT
  • About me:
    I’m often called Whyvek by my friends because of my inquisitive nature.
    My tendency to question myself, conventions, and people has led me to uncover different facets of my life and my surrounding environment. As a result, facing certain uncertainty and seeking comfort in discomfort has become a habit for me. I’m proud to have achieved whatever I have because of my nature — made my first friend in Canada at a bus stop, drove alone on a dangerous route for 16 hours, and worked with a team that grew from 7 to 45 members. Old habits die hard — I will continue to embrace change and seek inspiration in the future.



Uvaro is a tech sales career accelerator that helps you secure your future though our online training, paid residencies, and powerful network of professionals.

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