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Uvaro Week 5

Joseph came in with some cool insights into AI.

  • He mentioned some of the key players in AI: Conexiom, Mindbridge, and Conversica. All of these are selling business outcomes/solutions.
  • A transactional sales for a B2B company is 2 weeks.
  • An ideal competitor would be having similar functionality targeting similar prospects.

Alyx’s insights for this week:

  • People have to see the tip of the iceberg
  • Reflect on who you are: Relations
  • Picture the resume like it’s your window
  • We’re MVPs: Most valuable products
  • Tell your story with the right tone

Customer references are important and the ideal time to ask for them is right after they recommend you.

Forecasting Tricks
  • 10% of your clientele is 80% of your problems.

Guest Speaker: Cam Davies from Bonfire Interactive

  • Big metrics in SaaS is churn
  • In the beginning, you’re motivated by your heart
  • Distinguishing the buyer vs user

How would you sell to Bonfire?
- Tailor the outreach multi-channel
- Be authentic and honest
- The person whose experiencing the problem
- Director of product marketing, VP, Sales
- I spoke to X Y and Z , can we have a discussion?
- Should align with the mission/advancing the corporate goals
- Expensive software — 4 months
- Plugins for Salesforce — quick



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