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Uvaro Week 6

Presentation Week

Here’s a link to the Group Presentation and the Presentation in Class.

Alyx gave us some great tips on crafting our resumes:

- Colorful. Should match with your personality
- Can’t be 3 pages long
- Put a video link in the resume if possible
- Annie’s summary and a break on the second page sounds good
- So often a talent will get a resume before you get the resume, they’re gonna see your LinkedIn
- Choose minimalist on Canva
- Focus on intonation

Guest Speaker: Drew Williams

Key Takeaways:

  • Worked directly with a founder as a sales rep
    - Cold calling in the interview Sales Playbook at CareerBuilder
    - If you’re not interested in the product then you might not be interested in talking to the people
    - Purpose and money has to go together
    - Working in a startup looks like on the top
    - Own up to your past
    - Demo day tips: Quantifying your discovery put numbers beside it, Put numbers and dollar values, follow up questions

Sales Funnel vs Sales Pipeline

  • The funnel should be like a champagne glass
  • Pipeline usually refers to a dollar value

Average deal size and average sales cycle




Uvaro is a tech sales career accelerator that helps you secure your future though our online training, paid residencies, and powerful network of professionals.

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