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Uvaro Week 7

Looking into how to handle competitors

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

How do I talk about and deposition competitors?
Depositioning a “Competitor”

Creating Urgency: If you’re deep down in the funnel, it’s okay to ask in a commanding way

Creating Urgency Email

Guest Speaker: Michael Litt (CEO & Co-founder, Vidyard)

  • His choice of AEs reaching out to him: He doesn’t know to be honest. How important is the CEO in the selling process? He will refer the thing to the person whose responsible for that. If there’s a sales process in place and then the CEO can be looped for aligning the budget or if he cares about
  • Volume-based prospecting has become less attractive
  • Engage the CEO only if it’s required. Up to 50 people he can contribute. Beyond that, the CEO is only looking for scale and priorities have shifted from the early days
The Innovator’s Dilemma
  • Marketing automation is a victim of its own success
  • Talking to users is way different than the busy work — talking to accountants, lawyers (it doesn’t really add value, only feels it’s adding value) which means 100% of 0 = ****ing 0

Guest Speaker: Craig Ellias (Author of Shift!)

Buyer Psychology

Best times for cold calling:

  • Pre Covid — Tue to Thu and 10 am to 4 pm for calling
  • 10 mins before an hour

Top Grader Interview



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