Wooing customers with great service

What does a “customer” mean in the real sense? A customer is a king who is providing us a work opportunity and a key holder for generating revenue for our firm.

The great customer service is the vital part of the promise which your brand offers to the customers. Your promise has to be reflected with your productive and qualitative work.

What’s the difference between a good customer service and a great customer service?


Good customer service-

1.Providing a satisfactory support to the customers which make them happy to a certain point.

2.A customer reports an issue. You fix them in 24–48 hours.

3.Any query raised by the customer on call of which you don’t know the answer at that moment, you put the call on hold without informing and get back to that customer on time after getting the solution.

Great customer service-

1.Delivering them the effortless support which stops them visiting the support site for query submission just due to the meaningful content available conveying the information right away.

2.Reporting of an issue and you are right there to help the customer and resolved it within a minute.

3.You don’t know the answer for the particular query, you asked the customer a time by stating “Please hold for a moment, I will get back to you”. This makes the difference as you have informed them and used a kind word i.e. ‘Please’.

The customers with great service experience will share their joys with many people about how the support staff’s working skills impressed them. They are automatically endorsing your brand with their good reviews. This positive publicity is the best way to boost up the sales of the products and marks the increase in the customers.

But to deliver exceptionally great service is the most difficult part for which the support portal have to work on some flaws:

  1. Sounding robotic in the entire conversation- This can be removed by not switching over again and again to the scripted lines.
  2. Delay in reverting back- Make sure the problems of the customers will get fixed in least possible time. To make the customers wait will force them to give you a negative feedback.
  3. Not paying attention to their needs- Providing irrelevant information which doesn’t fit with their requests will frustrate the customers. Understand their needs then provide them the solution.

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