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What keeps us coming back to Blueprint?

A take on team culture and impact from three Blueprint members

“Outside of Blueprint, I haven’t found another club or opportunity that allows me to do the same type of work or have the same level of impact on my community.” — Xin Hao
Xin Hao — Project Developer (Plastics for Change), Steven — VP Projects, and Lichen — Design Director

Tell us about yourself!

What excites you about Blueprint?

“What excites me the most is seeing our projects come to life as a result of the hard work and collaboration of our teams.” — Lichen

More specifically, what excites you about your current role? How is it different from any previous roles you’ve grown from?

“Blueprint members are among some of the most talented and passionate individuals whom I’ve met during my time at Waterloo.” — Steven

So, what keeps you coming back?

Join us for next term



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