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Disturbed Horizon,

The end of it all

Memories to take back,

The end of it all as it fades to black,

Add another moment to the stack

What do I fear?

What is the time, the energy I got to get here?

A worthy contribution to help me to the end of my journey,

An investment in the hope I can see more clearly

But more than ever it seems to be hard to see,

What path is the right one for me?

This life, my decisions always a blur,

It’s interesting the way it occurs

What is beyond that distressed skyline?

What is the virtue of this investment of time?

Why do I feel more confused than ever,

It seems as if is my life forever

I can only sit and wait for a sign

And hope that I shall be fine



uWaterloo Voice is an unofficial student run publication aiming to showcase articles created by University of Waterloo students. These articles can be of any topic and anybody from the University of Waterloo is able to write for this publication.

Daivik Goel

Product Manager | Founder of uWaterloo Voice | Computer Engineering Graduate | University of Waterloo