Daivik Goel
uWaterloo Voice
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May 13, 2021


I’ve lived this moment,

Time and time again,

Unsure about what’s been done and what is to be,

Filled with constant doubt, constant anxiety

I always end up returning to this place,

Where nothing seems to make any sense,

The whole world feels misaligned,

All happiness is forgotten

I can only stare,

Stare into deep unknown,

Stare at my own insecurities,

Stare until I can stare no more

A chilly morning in September,

A sunny day with perfect weather,

I always end up coming back here,

This moment, this feeling of perpetual fear



Daivik Goel
uWaterloo Voice

Product Manager | Founder of uWaterloo Voice | Computer Engineering Graduate | University of Waterloo