the same day since March

Chris Tan
uWaterloo Voice
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1 min readAug 7, 2020
Courtesy of Wade Lambert.


it’s light out, curiously peering through the blinds.

brush away the rheum and toss away the pleasantries,

because today is a a day anew,

for yesterday it is not and tomorrow it will be!


this year is a little different.

maybe the light is off today, not quite the #fdfbd3 Homebase Sunlight you’re used to; #f0e130 Dandelion is more your style anyways.

maybe its the bitter aftertaste in your mud-brown mug, or that thin oil film on its lip, glistening against the fluorescent light.

you take a double take at your clock, and it’s an hour later than usual. 4:05pm.

maybe it’s the way the milk was smelling.

maybe it’s the crumbs on your desk,

or maybe that poor excuse of an ant colony on your top lip that you call a “mustache”.

its whatever, we all have mornings like that.

we all have nights like those.

we all have days like these.

it only makes sense;

we all have

been living in

the same day since March.



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