No Better a Time

Chris Tan
uWaterloo Voice
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2 min readAug 13, 2020


This is a nice preview image, right? Obviously not my room.

there is no better a time than 2:45am.

as the transit of celestial bodies fly overhead,

the ambient lo-fi playing from your phone finds its place in

impromptu pirouettes of the pen through your fingers,

whose ends would find a place on your lips.

there is no better a time than 3:23am.

as you pace around in tattered pajamas and

donate new stains of ramen water,

a bit of instant ramen packet powder gets onto your hands.

callously, you wipe them on your pants because

that’s a problem for another day.

there is no better a time than 5:41am.

holding up a stray cold noodle from a ramen-spilled mess that lays on your crumb-stuffed keyboard,

you contemplate wondering the scientific basis behind the 5 Second Rule

before your better judgement gets lazy and the night gets hazy.

does the sun rise from the east or the west?

as the first light peaks from the horizon

you remember why you are even up this late.

there is no better a time than 6:01am.

with your head on the office chair and the rest of the body on the seat,

you take one final sigh before you save Waveform6.vmf.

“looks like it will be a problem for another day,” for

as timeless the night can be,

a light so dim, a room so drab

with all the time that man can see,

you’re still not done the fucking lab.



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