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12 Safe Spring Break Alternatives

At this time last year, the whole world changed… and it all started around Spring Break! While we are continuing to keep your safety in mind, we still want you to have a nice, relaxing break before continuing through the rest of the semester. We came up with 12 safe ways that you can spend your Spring Break ⬇️

Go camping near Milwaukee

There are multiple campsites near Milwaukee that you can enjoy safely with your roommates or people who are in your bubble. You can also rent everything you need for camping from Outdoor Pursuits! Here are a couple of campsites we would recommend: Kohler Andre State Park, Harrington Beach, and Kettle Moraine State Park.

Explore the city

Milwaukee is a big place and there are so many fun spots that you may not know of. Bayview is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Just south of the Third Ward, it has a fun main street to explore (and loads of good food). Share some of your secret spots by tagging us in your photos!

Photo taken pre-Covid

Get outdoors and go on a walk

Soak up some sun, get some exercise, and explore. This can go hand in hand with our second tip, but there are a lot of neighborhoods that are fun to walk near campus. Walk up Lake Drive and look at some mansions and maybe even walk all the way to Atwater beach (it’s only 1.5 miles away).

Host a virtual game night

There are so many virtual games you can play now to have fun with friends while you’re apart. Make your own Kahoot and have a trivia night or play JackBox, which has tons of different game options. Call up your friends and family on Zoom and see who the ultimate champion will be.

Learn a new hobby

Having a break is the perfect time to start a new hobby. Some people are crafty and might like learning how to knit or embroider. Others might be as obsessed with The Great British Baking Show as us and could spend time learning how to bake (or you could just watch the whole show over break, we won’t judge).

Go on a bike ride

You can rent bike from Outdoor Pursuits on campus or from Bubblr Bikes, which are located all around the city. One of our favorite bike routes is going down the Oak Leaf Trail, which runs all through Milwaukee!

Spring cleaning

Okay… before you cross this one off, hear us out. You know that feeling of getting into bed after you just washed your sheets or walking barefoot on your floor after you clean it? Cleaning really does bring satisfaction and let’s be honest it probably needs to be done. Do a deep clean, make your space feel more like home. You deserve a clean space!

Restaurant: Crossroads Collective

Try a new restaurant

There are so many amazing restaurants in Milwaukee - they don’t call it a foodie city for nothing. Pick a new place (or a couple) and order take out. Bonus points if you can support a local restaurant!

Movie night

Pounce’s favorite movie snack is popcorn!

Turn your living room/dorm room into your own personal movie theater that you never have to leave with snacks, movies, and maybe even a blanket fort. Watch that new movie you’ve been wanting to see or re-watch a classic that you love. You can watch with your roommates or have a virtual Netflix Party!

Self care

Treat-yo-self. You’ve made it through the semester so far, you deserve this break, and you deserve to be pampered. Check in with yourself and make sure you are getting what you need. Have an at-home spa day, spend some time alone, eat your favorite food, really just do whatever you want!

Visit the Klotsche Center

The K will still be open over break! Care for your body by moving it. The Spring Break hours are:

March 20–21 & 27–28// 11:00am-6:00pm

March 22–26 // 11:00am-7:00pm

Go to the beach

We know it’s not Florida or California, but Bradford Beach is still a beach! Although it might not be as hot, walking in the sand still hits different. Take advantage of the beach here and have a beach picnic or play some games!

Spring Break isn’t cancelled! Just as a reminder, Spring Break will be taking place from March 21–28. We hope this list is helpful for planning a fun and safe break. If you do travel, make sure you get tested before and after your trip, as well as social distancing as much as possible.



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