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It’s Worth a Shot: UWM Students Share Why They Chose to Get Vaccinated

UWM’s vaccination clinic has delivered over 10,000 COVID-19 vaccines! We are so #PantherProud to be part of moving forward and we’re excited to see our students getting vaccinated, too. We asked some of our students what they are most excited to do after getting vaccinated.

“It’s worth a shot to…”

Jamie Rose, Kim Phan and Emma Gilbertson (left to right)

“…go to Bradford Beach, dine in-person with friends and attend campus events in-person.”— Jamie Rose

“…celebrate UWM graduation, attend concerts in Milwaukee and study in coffee shops.” — Kim Phan

“…go on UWM’s research vessels, hug my friends and go to class in-person.” — Emma Gilbertson

Connor Lynch and Sabrina Painter

“… have in-person classes, larger social gatherings and full capacity at the Klotsche Center.” — Connor Lynch

“…go to the beach, visit family and meet UWM students on campus.” — Sabrina Painter

Alexis Meyer, Caleb Robbins and Brianna Schubert

“…visit my family and friends, travel out of state and have in-person classes.” — Alexis Meyer

“…be able to attend music festivals, attend events on campus and begin to travel again.” — Caleb Robbins

“…travel, see Pantherfest and spend the holidays with family.” — Brianna Schubert

Rylie Honnold and Matida Bojang

“… have in-person classes, engage with my classmates and see the city.” — Rylie Honnold

“… meet with my faculty mentor, travel and see more friends.” — Matida Bojang

We all had to put some activities on hold last year and we’re determined to make this year different. Find out where you can get your vaccine. It’s worth a shot.



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