My yesterday’s data. Is it really relevant? To whom?

Data is everywhere we go. Is around for a long time but now is a click way. When my flight is delayed and the first one to inform me is my phone, minutes, or even hours away, before the airline company, something has changed in our daily life.

Google knows more about me than I know about myself. Is it really?

Digital data is everywhere. It causes profound changes in personal and collective lives, from a government to a business. The digitalization of information been produced ensures amounts of data, nowadays, more accessible and useful.

The amount of data is not the critical factor, what to do and how to deal with it are the questions to follow. More and more business are built on our data. A dollar or even million dollar business.

Data trace is everywhere, where do we like it or not.

A manager uses data for make a decision. Consumers are drawn to services that help them making decisions. Convenience is a vicious cycle.

In any business, which aims for profits, data analysis could be a competitive edge providing value to stakeholders and customers. Using quantitative and qualitative data to address customer needs and behavior, developing unique competencies aiming to create innovative products and services is a goal of pursuit to business.

On the contrary, governments should use it to enhance transparency, increase citizen engagement supporting society. Individuals give up more and more of information, every day, all the time, to scrutiny.

“Why your data matters to us”

Media industry explains to their audience the usage of customer’s data. Other’s do the same. The case represents new challenges to data privacy and how to protect the individual. When organizations collect data, people should be told why and what information is collected and the purpose for which it will be used.

But the beauty of the issue is that we, customers, prefer convenience over privacy.

Do I prefer to be informed that my flight is delayed? Yes!

Do I know all the consequences of my convenience? No!

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