Challenging a product concept through test

Fintech and immersive technologies

Iria Iglesias
Apr 5, 2019 · 2 min read



The challenge with Datium was to create a solution that merged both immersive reality technologies and fintech business. But we had to do it following the Lean UX methodology. We chose to try the concept of a Bank Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) through mixed reality.

As it was a project developed in a very short period of time, we didn’t have time to test the concept with users until the first launch of the MVP. We used Hotjar to measure the understanding of the concept and visual appeal of the landing page, to test the product.

Although we gather some good reviews and almost 15 email subscriptions during the two days that the test lasted, we also got opinions based on the concept. Why would anyone like to have an immersive vision of their bank account? That was for us the challenge, to prove if this new approach would or wouldn’t be interesting for our target users. And although some responded positively, others found it confusing and pointless.

All of the reviews were useful to understand that it might be a difficult concept to try with users, and that maybe immersive technologies and fintech still have a long way to go before they find each other in a full functioning product.


Research, User Testing, Concept Testing

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