The comfort of old and the illusion of new

Dealing with New on Ui Design

NEW can be hard to explain,
NEW can be messy,
NEW makes people uneasy,
NEW doesn’t mean better, but it surely should be trying.

New UI ideas are hard to grasp. If I were to explain how beautiful a long scroll site with a bunch of shoes floating around and moving as we scroll down at different speeds you probably would not be excited about it.

We know OLD,
OLD works and feels right.
OLD is what you expect.
There is nothing wrong about OLD,
There is nothing great about OLD.

Old UI ideas are safe and comfortable. Old UI Ideas see the management of User expectations as their strongest ally.

The illusion of new is “OLD with a twist”.

The illusion of new is “what you were expecting” enhanced by a superficial NEW. The enhancement is not essential for the understanding of the UI component but it improves the experience.
The illusion of new sometimes borrows “User expectations” from a different medium. For example Google’s Material design uses physical relationships between real objects to define and explain a digital UI framework.

The illusion of new gets closer to NEW but keeps enough OLD so users can still relate to it.

The illusion of new strives to be comfortable while trying to improve OLD.

The illusion of new strives to reach the “Aha! moment”. That’s the user understanding of a new, unexpected, but still familiar payback to their input on an User Interface.

The illusion of new is hard to get to but it’s the fastest way to NEW.


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