4 — Formative feedback action plan

For our Formative presentation we talked about the work we had done so far and what we were planning on doing in the future. We did this to our classmates, teachers and some of the design team from the National Maritime Museum. After we gave our presentation we were given some feedback from these people. My team and I were pleased with the feedback we got as it was pretty positive, which was a nice surprise. I am going to talk about some of the feedback and improvement suggestions we received.

Somethings that they liked that we already did was the amount of audience research we did. We decided to include all of what we did in the presentation. Another thing that a few people mentioned is that they liked that we looked at current games already made. We explained how we got inspiration from a interactive that was already at the museum and also from a different game that we like the idea of.

One of the things a few of the Maritime team said was that the use of music on a game was not a good idea. They mentioned that it would be too distracting from other things at the museum, and thinking about it now it would be a bit weird if there was some random music playing. They suggested just using sound effects and we all agreed this was a good idea. We want to use environmental noises like sea waves and sea birds.

They also said that using the social media sharing feature wouldn't work. I think I remember them saying that they have tried using this before but they had to stop it because not enough people were using properly. They also said that a lot of visitors wouldn’t trust putting personal information such as account passwords on to a public tablet that anyone can use. Because of what they said we decided on scrapping the social media idea.

Action Plan

  • Look for real 16th century British maps to suit the museum, not just random ones
  • Look around online for some sound effects to use
  • Think of ways the user can personalise the game
  • Research other problems that ships encountered for mini-games