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UX Ethics Workshop Schedule

We propose the following schedule for our workshop ’Imi Pono — Creating an Ethical Framework for User Experience Design at CHI 2020.

08.00–09.00 | Setup by the CHI 2020 workshop organizers
09.00–09.15 | Introduction of the workshop organizers and outline of the plan for the day
09.15–09.45 | Warm-up with analogue social media exercise on butcher paper
09.45–10.30 | Introduction of a case study concerning Cambridge Analytica with collaborative definitions of privacy, security, and ethics.
10.30–10.45 | BREAK
10.45–11:25 | Small group analysis of ethical issues
11:25–12:05 | Clustering and dot-voting of issues on butcher paper resulting in a list of ethical issues
12.05–13.05 | LUNCH (assign issues to groups)
13.10–13:50 | Small groups roadmap exercise with moral values and issues
13:50–14:20 | Full group short Q&A, and coffee break
14:20–16:00 | Small groups solution generation
16.00–16.15 | COFFEE BREAK
16.15–17.15 | Small group solution presentations and return to the list of issues
17.15–17.30 | Workshop wrap-up and dinner plans



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