All things LeanUX: A conversation with Jeff Gothelf

Sometime mid this year Rammohan and I spent some time interviewing Jeff, here is the video and some notes below with highlights to the video.

Jeff Gothelf is the Author of Lean UX and the co-founder of Lean Day events. He was previously the principal evangelist at Neo Innovation, where he help’s companies and organisations to build better products and cultures. Through worldwide keynotes and workshops, he helps teams figure out the best way to utilize cross-functional collaboration, product strategy and experimentation and agile-friendly product design to ensure their ideas are found, designed and developed in a way the market welcomes.

In the video, we spent a good hour chatting with him about various aspects of Lean UX, its definition and how one applies Lean UX in different contexts and scenarios. We also took some questions from viewers during the hangout session.

Notes with Highlights to the video:

01:02 About Lean UX. Lean UX compared to just UX or Agile UX processes

05:55 Advantages of Lean UX and how to get buy-in.

“Lean UX is all about risk mitigation”

08:12 Starting a journey towards adopting Lean UX

“Ultimately it has to be an organisational buy-in, until then as a UXer there are certainly a few things one can start doing… talking to customers being one of them”

10:50 Adopting and following Lean UX being in an agency/consultancy

18:10 Ideal process for a Lean UX setup and roles for the designer, developer and the PM

20:22 Following Lean UX in Enterprises with legacy environment

24:10 Innovation Studios for Enterprises when they are trying to come up with disruptive innovations

More about the Innovation studios from Jeff’s talk at the Enterprise UX conference, May 2015.

25:25 Lean UX with Remote Teams

28:24 Running Design studios with remote teams

31:03 Jeff’s experience of using Slack with his colleagues and clients

34:40 Audience Question: How much validation and learning with customers is enough?

37:05 Definition of success for a project in Lean methodology

“Definition of done should be did we ship something that helped to change behaviour of the customers in a meaningful way.”

42:08 Audience Question: Where does Lean UX fit and where does it now?

44:00 Common Mistakes that Lean teams commit

47:43 Cases studies of teams successfully adopting Lean UX

54:45 Upcoming book

55:45 Audience Question: Tools for Prototyping

58:28 Audience Question: How much does culture influence lean UX?

Jeff on Twitter | Jeff on Linkedin | Jeff’s Blog | Jeff Gothelf

PS: Thank you Rammohan for setting up this hangout session.

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