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Historical Micro Interactions in the Myntra Website

This is a documentation of some of the micro-interactions that we implemented into the early days of the Myntra website. In 2013, we were migrating from a generic CMS to a custom frontend stack with a fresh new design.

Typical popup experience when switching menu items.
  1. The popup remains open while the mouse is moving between menu items.
  2. The border selection state is moving along with the mouse to highlight very clearly what got selected.
  3. The contents inside the popup are animating in the direction from which your mouse if coming. If you come to a menu item left of current, then the animation also follows this. Similarly if you instead go to the same menu but from the other side, the animation is reversed.
Animations in the header navigation.
Basic list of filters.
Simpler color picker and 99 suffix price filter.
Highlighting inside the brand filter.



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