My learnings as a designer

In the winter of twenty fifteen, I made a big career change and moved to the States from India. I’m working as a User Experience Designer in Microsoft Azure division, in Seattle. There’s a great sense of excitement in living here, but at the same time, an evenness, a lightness, almost a serenity.

Everyday I’m learning a lot as an individual and making a lot of conscious decisions in my life to stay creative. I know that I’m not here forever and I’ve to utilize this time and make some great learnings along the way.

So, here I’m, sharing my learnings:


Design is all about creating a positive feeling with your product and making it happen. Just do it with all your heart and follow only what you truly believe in. Ordinarily you create a design, but once in a while a design creates you, and with play of time you become what you create.


Be passionate and confident — It’s not easy to be in a room full of people and have to tell them something which creates friction in their thinking.
As a designer you must know what details matter and are worth fighting for and when to say no.


There will always be people with concerns, just navigate through them, the key is to keep moving forward. Burn some bridges if you need to, but never stop. You’ll make some mistakes along the way, but that’s the only way to learn.


Reduce the choices to get more clarity. Find a slice of solitude and make an informed decision. A great design is a commitment. If you’re going to experience it in all of it’s qualities, you have to keep coming back.


Few weeks back, I met one really wonderful designer — Prarthana from Skype design team. She’s a fierce personality. We had some amazing conversation about Skype’s design process, UX trends and my career.
One thing I learned from her is to create challenges in my current role to make it uncomfortable, that’s a great path to grow. Also, to become more clear and honest on what I want to do and what I don’t want to do, and work towards it.


Making reading/listening a habit, it brings you focus. I try to read in my free time — a book or offline Instapaper articles. And, how can I forget to mention my favorite Podcast — Design details! All the designers must listen to this. My top list includes episode 45 with Elle Luna, 44 with Haraladur Thorleifsson and 34 with Allison House.


Travel and photography has really pushed me to explore more and do things that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I’ve experienced new cultures, landscapes and conversations, all of which interject into my designs and help me to interact with and understand people in multiple ways.


Be close to nature and stay wild. Stop trying to find inspiration in online world. Get offline. Every other weekend I hike and go in the mountains. It helps me clear my mind and let’s me seek new perspective. You can see my hiking trips at my personal blog at

I’ll try to update this list whenever I learn or discover something.
Till then, Stay Creative!

Have any thoughts? Reach me on twitter or instagram @nitishq.
PS: All illustrations are made using Paper 53 app.

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