Stop saying ‘UI/UX’!

.. because, this is how it’s equivalents sound, in other professions


I bet you would have seen something like the statements below, each, at least a few hundred times in the last year.

VC backed product company seeks UI/UX designer. Minimum 3 years of experience in designing products. Required skills are wire framing, …
Hi, I am Michael Mann. I do UI/UX design. And I love to solve problems.
Login screen for my new app #ios #interface #design #ui #uiux #userexperience #vsco #vscocam

As a designer aspiring to carve my own niche in business software design, for the last 3 years, I have come across this below phrase thousands of times, exactly or some variant of it.


Prior to my product design phase of my professional career, one of my key exposures was being an operations designer/ analyst, which involved Job Design, an area of system engineering that defines a role and describes it in detail, viz., title, description, roles and responsibilities, educational qualification, skills and qualities needed etc., and how to manage the same.

So, after gaining enough understanding about how the professional field of design functions, I couldn’t help being surprised by how this phrase ‘UI/UX’ is still being used nonchalantly, even by reputed professionals and by organizations that are looked upon as custodians of ‘design’ itself.

Here, have a taste of it!

So, in order to give a brief taste of how, for the lack of a professionally harsher word, ‘inefficient’, the phrase ‘UI/UX’ is, I have framed a few ‘equivalents’ for the phrase ‘UI/UX designer’ in other professional fields.

  1. New York’s top restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, seeks Food Plating Professional/ Head Chef for their new expanded catering wing
  2. Broadway theater, Gershwin, seeks Stage Designer/ Director for their upcoming musical
  3. Yahoo Inc., seeks Front-end Engineer/ Principal Architect to work on their Internet-of-Things advertising portal
  4. London’s prestigious public school, Bedford, seeks to appoint History Teacher/ Head Master as soon as possible
  5. Pioneering design company, IDEO seeks CAD professional Industrial Designer to design the next generation wearable
  6. The New York times seeks to post a new Columnist/ Chief Editor for their new magazine on urban design
  7. John Hopkins School of Medicine seeks Midwife/ Obstetrician for their maternity wing
  8. Acclaimed architecture firm, Zaha Hadid Architects, seek Interior Designer/ Architect for their new Hilton construction
  9. Manchester United seeks Coach/ Club Manager to get that elusive Champions League Cup, or at least try
  10. Construction giant DLF, seeks Electrical Layout Engineer/ Project Manager (Electrical) for their project in Dubai

Should you stop using it?

Well, as the hashtag #uiux and #uiux design are quite popular, you can still continue to use them on Instagram and Twitter!

Still don’t get it?

Hmmm. I cannot make this any simpler. Good luck!

Logic behind the X/Y jobs

Y(UX) — The job is of the person who leads the value generation process by both understanding holistic view and also possessing enough knowledge about the various stages of the process itself. Sometimes the person in Y job, would have once been in the X job, or occasionally, perform the duties of X also.

X (UI) — The job is of the person who is in the last phase of the value generation process, whose outputs are the ones directly experienced by end-user of the process.