Teaching Rural India

I was invited to speak at the recently held UX Now conference at IIT Delhi, 21st October. The theme for the event was “Design for India” and I was asked to share the work that we have been doing at the Happy Horizons Trust. We work in improving the quality of education through interventions and working with the system using participatory learning methods, with an emphasis on alternative education.

Speaking at the event, I raised a point that when we think of ‘Design for India’, we need to think about the Rural India and the challenges that exist there. How do we as UX professionals and Design Thinkers, create solutions that have high positive impact on the ground.

It is also a call for Design to move out of its elitist image and become synonymous with an aspect of Problem Solving.

Here is the slides from the talk I delivered at the conference.

Slides from the conference talk
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