#WeeklyUX - My alternative to #DailyUI

By Himvais
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I was following this new trend of dailyUI for a past one week. It’s a challenge from dribbble where you have to create a UI element every day. Dribbble now days is packed with posts from this challenge.

After spending some time redesigning random stuff, I realized that designing without context is not the best exercise you can do to improve your skills. Dribbble is already filled with many fancy and pretty shots of such UI examples. Very recently this post by Benjamin Berger covered this topic in detail.

To make up for the functioning part, I came up with a new way of design challenge which is more oriented towards UX design instead of just a UI, The WeeklyUX. As simple as it sounds, you just have to pick any existing website/app for a week. Do some UX research and study on it and then fix issues in existing interface or enhance it for better usability.

One week is really a short time for conducting a UX research. Also, a full-scale redesign is not possible without a lot of insight from the website like user-base, intended usage & targeted audience. But still, assumptions can be made to an extent, it’s just a redesign. The whole idea is to find fast and better ways of doing UX redesign while improving design skills.

A good design is always contextual. Interface design is supposed to be the balance b/w aesthetics and usability.

This exercise is a way to provide a context to your design skills. I started this week with redesigning the brilliant nomadlist.com by levels.io. Obviously, a UX redesign would require mentioning the product and pointing out some issues users are facing with the current version of the website/app. This is a learning exercise so it never hurts to ask for a permission from the owner. Sometimes (As in this case!) it’s as easy as a tweet exchange, Plus it’s a good source of motivation too!

I’ll be posting again next week with the first case study and the process I used for my first redesign. Stay tuned.

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