How to gain depth and confidence in your UX thinking

Beginner UXers often find themselves scared about the prospects of having a job. Even some UXers with couple of years of experience may be sometimes unsure about their job. Here’s what you can do to not only skim the surface and become disenchanted.

Paul Pela
Jun 10 · 2 min read
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Without lots of experience it’s difficult to feel confident in your first, or any other job.

A cure for that is to start researching UX right away, even before you complete your initial round of training or internship.

When you start learning about UX it’s also the best time to start to enjoy testing your assumptions and the knowledge you’ve learned.

You don’t need to test everything, but it’s still worth to take a look at a couple of ideas.

Run around with your laptop and check things you’ve read. Like, empirically check stuff out. Do lots of surveys to learn some interesting details about what people really think and if the things you read are in fact true.

Test and confirm any assumption, even the simplest one.

And make it a habit.

You will learn how much there is to know, but you will also see yourself as an active person taking steps to be really good. And I mean, if you do that exercise regularly, you will become very good with time.

Things to research in the beginning may include: basic UX principles, visual balance, perception of colours, layout preferences, UX copywriting and any other thing you might imagine.

Try to learn things about people and correlate the data to the UX test results. Try to find interesting patterns.

For this you will need to learn Excel and data analysis, but the required basic knowledge is very easy to learn and will be a valuable asset in your toolbox.

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By doing this you will learn so many key skills for the job. You will learn how to measure your UX, what to measure and what kinds of data are useful. You will learn research methods. You will learn how to validate your design. And you will also learn to look at UX as an art form in its own right.

Most importantly, you will be able to say about your design process that it’s backed by lots of testing, iterating and deeper knowledge about how things work in this field, not just things you’ve read.

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