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Focus on observation details relevant to your research questions.

Market Research conducted by UX Indonesia of Indonesia and CX Insight of Australia.

#agileux tip of the day

Focus on observation details relevant to your research questions.

During an Agile UX Research, one may find the abundance of details is overwhelmingly tempting to analyze. Stay true to your research questions and focus on answering them one moment at a time. Other details may well be recorded in your #researchsystem.

In this depicted picture at a “traditional” market, we focused on how a market worker arranges the market’s fruits and vegetables. Even though we were tempted to dig deeper on what was happening behind him, i.e. how the shoppers collaboratively picked and chose vegetables with mobile technology’s assistance, we stayed true to our initial research purpose.

Later, the shoppers’ context helped us understand how we can help the market worker be more efficient and effective in arranging the fruits and vegetables for the benefits of the workers, the shopper, and the market owner.




Indonesia’s first and leading Insight-driven User Experience company.

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Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra)

Josh (Adi Tedjasaputra)

As a Google Mentor and Certified Design Sprint Master, Josh has a passion for the design, development, and use of ICT in solving business and humanity problems

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