23% OFF 🤑 food & fun

Bonus: How to eat out for $3.45!

Step 1: Get a Costco executive membership as a Citi visa ($130 annual). This gets us 4% off of all Costco purchases.

Step 2: Go in-store or shop online. Everything is pretty much 20% off.

Using the Baja Fresh example, we’re currently at 23.2096% off normal price.

BONUS 💡 Baja Fresh hack

  • Call your nearby location on your way there or even while you’re in the store, they often take phone orders immediately, so it’s a great line waiting hack.
  • Order a Dos Manos burrito (it’s not on the menu). It’s basically 2 burritos that you can customize any way you like. The way I like it comes in at $8.99, minus our discount, we’re at $6.90
  • At Baja Fresh you can get more tortilla chips if you just ask.
  • So, if you split the burrito with a friend, then you can both pile on the salsa and chips and have a filling lunch for $3.45 each! 🌯
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