Live Guide vs Pattern Library

Agency designers & directors (UX, CX, UI and any other letters you love).

Three points advocating the use of “Live Guide” as the name on the front door that leads to brand guidelines, style guide, pattern library and brand asset managment.

  1. The term “Pattern Library” means very little to around 70% of people you encounter in your own office and client side. Stakeholders in particular need real confidence about what it actually is in order to give up the money required to both create and continue maintaining it.
  2. Most people already understand the essential need for a style guide or brand guideline. And we all agree the modern incarnation should be live (a single always up to date source) the first place you look for styles, patterns, code, assets and how they should be applied.
  3. Lets call a spade a spade, not a “cavity generator”. We’re simply creating live guidelines, a “Live Guide” in short, and anyone just wanting assets better be coming via the guide to get those assets, otherwise they’re likely to choose or use assets incorrectly.

For now (particularly on the client side of agency partnerships) many people still need re-enforcment of the “live” aspect, but naturally this would resolve to being named plain old Guidelines or Guide in the future.