It’s Towards Yourself Boss!

When you were learning English, probably in your primary school, you must have come across these words. In fact, most of the new generation curious kids must have asked their parents what these symbols on the door handle mean way before those were taught in schools. They say though we conceptually understand something, it takes time and efforts for conscious implementation of the understood fact. Given that I am pretty much sure every parent must have told his/her child the meanings of those two simple little four letter words without consciously implementing the meaning which those imply. I talk about the apparently harmless and mostly ignored instructions on the doors of those AC malls, public washrooms, office buildings you visit most often, Push and Pull.

I was so pissed off once that I exclaimed loudly-rubbing my nose vehemently so to ease the pain that ‘Pull is towards yourself, you F&%# Moron’. The whole corridor turned to look at my nose, which was red by then due to the collision with a half-wit. How hard should it be to remember this meaning of these small words? There’s one comfort that these days you see most places have glass doors so it’s easy to see a person approaching. Then you can either run fast and start the motion of the door in one direction or just wait far enough so you escape that door’s curved trajectory.

There is this one design that comes to my mind right now. When at a time of construction you are sure which side of the door is going to be a pull, you should add a small piece of something to stop the motion of that door in the opposite direction. I’d just love to see the people banging head on, when they try to push the pull side (Better if the person is carrying a pastry or a coke glass or something, just imagining this is giving me a mental satisfaction)

Agreed that it’s a little harsh action to discipline the traffic, but there is a better way. You do not provide a handle on the push side; just a Naah-Naah-you-can’t-pull-using-that type metal plate. The only option you’d be giving to the person would be to push it. And then you have a normal little door handle at the pull side. How’s it?

You must be thinking I’m doing a little over-engineering on what is supposed to be just a door, whichever way it is. Just make a note of this write-up. You will remember it when you would be facing a weird look when you both try to pull or push the door from opposite sides. Worse still, you’ll definitely remember this when a door smacks you right in your face.

Needless to say, this quick post is a result of one such weird expression when though I was at the right side of a door; I had to do the opposite action. Taunting him publicly was not a good option considering his physique and my considerably frail looking skeleton, hence this outburst.

Just to remind you again though, Pull — Towards oneself* Push — away from oneself* (That one would be none other than YOU)