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100 Excuses for Designers

Because sometimes you need one!

Jon Moore
Nov 14, 2016 · 7 min read

Sketch style guides can only get you so far, but designers like us still make mistakes. Like…a lot. No seriously…all the time.

So here are 100 [goofy] Excuses for Designers to help you cover your ass next time you make a mistake that you’re too afraid to admit. Results may vary!

Regarding Inspiration

1. This is what Apple does.
2. It’s a Material Design thing.
3. _____ does it like this, and they have like 500M users.
4. This is how everyone does it. We should do it this way.
5. This is how everyone does it. We
shouldn’t do it this way.

Regarding Design

6. I wanted to try something different.
7. I saw a design on Tumblr that looks like this.
8. Whitespace looks better. It looks so clean!
9. We’re industry leaders. Sometimes you just have to take risks.
10. That must be an older version you’re seeing.
11. I [got a Masters/did online training/saw a tweet], so trust me on this.
12. I just read* a great article on Medium about this (
*saw the title).
13. We’ll just revisit this after the launch (
we won’t).
14. Our team loved the design.
15. [The most important stakeholder] loved the design.
16. Dribbble and Behance loved the design.
17. The old man sitting on the couch with me at Starbucks loved the design.
18. We can go with function or form,
but not both.
19. We can change it, I’m not married to it (
our honeymoon is tomorrow).
20. It’s like Uber, but for [super specific, unrelated B2B software app].
21. It’s like [app no one has heard of], but for [some worse idea].
22. We’ll just put some charts there.

Regarding Animation

23. It’s a delighter!
24. It’s not choppy on my screen.
25. GIFs are all the rage right now.
26. All the best companies use parallax.
27. Don’t you think it’ll look boring without it?
28. I’m not worried. A dev should be able to implement this pretty easily.
29. But if I make it a PDF then you won’t see the animation…
30. Computers are fast! Page size and load time aren’t an issue anymore.

Regarding Fonts

31. You must not have [that obscure font I used] installed.
32. Microsoft is notorious for bad font rendering. People don’t use Windows.
33. I can’t share TypeKit fonts, so you’ll have to wait until we present it.
34. The sharpness is probably just too high on your screen.
35. We won’t look premium if we don’t use [some obscure font].
36. Too small? How can you not read that?
37. The text is already dark enough. I like it #FAFAFA.

Regarding Colors

38. Your [TV/phone/monitor/tablet/Palm Pilot] probably isn’t calibrated.
39. The brand palette is too limited for what we want to do.
40. It’s softer on the eyes this way.
41. I wanted it to really stand out. You know…super punchy.
42. It’s the Pantone color of the year!

Regarding Design Tools

43. InVision must be acting up.
44. You’re probably looking at a cached version.
45. It must not have synced to [Dropbox/Google Drive].
46. That’s just a bug in Sketch.
47. It screwed up the design when I updated my app.
48. That’s probably a limitation of the app.
49. We’re still on the free version.
50. Sorry, I’ve been updating Adobe applications all day.
51. My design application keeps crashing.

Regarding Development

52. Dev must have screwed it up.
53. No one uses IE anyway.
54. That must be a bug in Chrome.
55. That effect should be supported in the latest nightly build of Chrome.
56. Just have dev draw it in CSS.
57. I think this should be really easy with a framework.
58. A user would never do that anyway (
they will).
59. Our users all have MacBooks and use Chrome.
60. Oh come on, no one builds Android apps anymore.

When a presentation doesn’t look right:

61. What do you mean your projector isn’t 4K?
62. You shouldn’t have your screen brightness all the way down.
63. Hmm, it doesn’t look like that on my computer.
64. Isn’t your display retina?

When things went awry over email:

65. Maybe it got caught in your spam.
66. I’m guessing it just looks bad in “Preview” mode.
67. Ah sorry, the file is too big to send. I’ll show you next week.
68. Oh, I sent it to the wrong “Petr Rozhdestvenskiy.”
69. I just sent it over (
lie). Did it not go through?
70. My colleague was supposed to send it (
oh sh*t, I completely forgot).
71. I forgot to add you to that email thread (
I didn’t).

When they want to see your progress:

72. I’m almost done, but don’t want to spoil it (I haven’t started yet).
73. We can figure out the details in code.
74. I’m not worried about that right now.
75. We have it designed on the whiteboard back at the office (
I’m stalling).
76. I don’t want to distract you with low-fidelity.
77. It’s not what you asked for and I’m afraid you’ll get mad.
78. It’s taking longer than I thought (
again…I haven’t started yet).
79. Sorry, my computer has been really laggy today.
80. Can we do a remote meeting today (
so I can work on another project)?

When they ask why you haven’t started:

81. I can’t start until I have all of the requirements.
82. I can’t start until research is done.
83. I can’t start until we document all edge-cases.
84. I can’t start until we decide on a color.
85. I can’t start until we decide on a name.
86. I can’t start until all 29 people join the conference call.
87. I was watching the Apple Keynote.

When they don’t like the design:

88. We can always iterate on this (we probably won’t).
89. This isn’t the final design (
lol, yes it is).
90. We should probably use a hamburger menu.
91. We’re
definitely not using a hamburger menu.
92. That wasn’t in the original requirements (
I skipped that intentionally).
93. Design rules are meant to be broken.
94. Dev has really been holding me back.
95. You just haven’t seen it done this way before.
96. This is what your napkin sketch looked like, right?
97. I basically just did what my PM told me to do.
98. We’ll work on it next sprint.
99. It’s better than what we have.
100. We’ll just put it in a modal.

Next time you need an “uxcuse” (UX excuse), head over to to find the perfect one!

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