25 Fun Things You Can Say to Annoy Your Fellow Designers

Not that you would ever do that on purpose or anything.

Drop these on your designer friends to get some really golden reactions.

Never gets old!

1. That font looks like Comic Sans.

2. I thought the design WAS the CSS…?

3. *staring at a PNG* Nothing is working. Why can’t I click this button? I think your design is broken.

4. Can you make this background transparent?

5. Can you Photoshop a cape onto this Nokia flip phone photo of my nephew?

6. It’ll have to be supported in IE6.

7. Did you bring a serial adapter for your presentation on our projector from the mid 90s? Also our conference room has no blinds and the windows face the rising sun.

8. Could you print out the design for us? We’re old school.

9. The design looks too much like Facebook.

10. *3 weeks later* Could you make the design look more like Facebook?

11. *hands you a legal pad of “designs I just threw together”*

12. Can you send me the design file so I can try a couple things?

13. I guess that’ll work if that’s what you’re happy with…

14. *touches monitor*

15. Let’s just go back to the way it was (4 months ago…)

16. We took some liberties with your design…

17. Yeah, I just had my high school daughter work ahead on some of the designs for next month. She’s great at art.

18. We just sent your invoice to accounting! You should be receiving payment in about 60 to 90 days.

19. Hey! So I have this fun little art project I want you to help me with…

20. I just don’t think we really need to do any user research.

21. Can you just add a couple charts and visualizations to this page?

22. Can you make our logo bigger?

23. Stripe already did that.

24. *showing the final design* Oh yeah, this is a great start!

25. Have you checked out those Disney animation techniques?

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