4 Tricks for Fast Image Fills in Sketch

Tiny Techniques are bitesized design tricks to make you a better, faster designer in Sketch. Sometimes you’ll already be doing it…sometimes we’ll blow your mind.

The Problem

Frankly, no one likes browsing their computer for images to use in a design.


The Solution

Here are some fun little techniques you can do with images inside of Sketch to save you time, headache, and [probably] swearing.


The Solution(s)

  • Drag and Drop Image Fill: Quickly replace an image fill by dragging an image into the image fill box. This works from just about anywhere…your desktop, the web, Slack, etc…
  • Drag and Drop Image Override: Quickly override an image nested inside of a symbol by dragging a photo into the image override box.
  • Copy and Paste Image Override: Override an image by pasting an image from your desktop. Simply copy an image from the web (or take a screenshot with Command+Shift+4 and hold Control to copy to your clipboard), then paste it onto the image override block.
  • Repeating Pattern: Create one block of a pattern, then create a shape with a pattern fill. Use the drag-and-drop trick to add a repeating pattern fill by dragging the layer onto the image fill block.

When I’m not spending 4 hours browsing stock imagery for THE PERFECT ONE, I’m working on Sketch design tools at UX Power Tools to make you a better, more efficient designer.

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