A 25-Step Program for Becoming a Great Designer

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Jon Moore
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11 min readMay 11, 2018


Since no one [in America] can really afford higher education anymore, I figured I’d create a simple, 25-step program that you can follow during your journey toward becoming the next Jony Ive. It’ll save you some money, and you won’t have to worry about your capstone project getting publicly lambasted by other know-it-all design students.

I’m gonna assume you’ve never heard the word “kerning” (not those little popcorn seeds, those are kernels) and didn’t know that Tiffany trademarked that one specific shade of robin’s egg blue, so if things are sounding a little elementary, feel free to skip to wherever you think you are in your journey.

If you’re feeling particularly daring, start over!

Before we dive in, check out my design system for Figma!

1. Observe.

Put down that Wacom, we’re not ready to go digital yet. The first step is to just open your eyes to the world of design.

It’s. Literally. Everywhere.

Why do you hate that billboard? Why does that particular bottle of wine stand out on the shelf? Is that street sign in the right place?

The world is engulfed in design. The first step is realizing it.

by maryanne for Atlassian

2. Learn a tool.

Any tool. Just pick one. Grouchy people will always say theirs is best, but it really doesn’t matter. If a master chef can make some dope ass stir fry in a dirty piece of tinfoil, then you’ll be able to design whatever you want once you get good enough. So just pick one.

Print this out, then throw a dart at the wall. Great job, you picked a tool.

by Rachel He

3. Read.