Design Humor

A Day in the Life of DesignerNews 🙃

This is a farce, so lighten up and try to enjoy it.

1. Big company releases a new product and overshadows all other posts

Or…“Welp, no use in posting today!”

2. Why UI Design ≠ UX Design, with lots of Venn Diagrams

At least they’re pretty?

3. “I finally got around to redesigning my portfolio”

Whitespace whitespace whitespace.

4. New $20,000 typeface that no one can afford, but everyone will still talk about for a week, then promptly forget

I’m per-Plex-ed.

5. [Sponsored]

Ten bucks says it’s a portfolio designer.

6. New “Free” Stock Photo Website

Spoiler: Not Free at All

7. “I finally got around to redesigning my portfolio”

Actually really well done site, but no one seems to care.

8. “I finally got around to redesigning my portfolio”

Fifth time this year.

9. New Color Picker

In case those other 38 don’t work for you.

10. Enterprise Design System Tooling That’s Too Complicated and Way Overly-Specific to Use

At least we have a new job title called “Design Tooling” 🤷🏼‍

11. Something About How the Design Community is Too Negative

Generally true, tbh.

12. Junior Designer Legitimately Asking for Help and Getting Ignored


13. “I finally got around to redesigning my portfolio”

“Just fyi, it’s broken on Safari.”

14. New Agency Website with Scroll-Jacking That Took 1000 Hours to Code

Awwward Winner. No-brainer.

15. Something Critical About DesignerNews

“Has anyone else noticed how…”

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